Sometimes, it feels like we're battling alone against the tide.

When it comes to the world's issues, it's tough to figure out how we can make a difference.

Many of the positive steps that we can take require discipline and extra effort. For example, becoming vegan will have positive outcomes on several levels for society… less waste, less energy use, less cruelty... And yet, we don’t make the switch. It's more work, more time, and all at a greater expense. It requires some kind of compromise.

At Purposeful.Money, we've realised that if we — all of us — really want to start making a difference, it needs to be as simple, affordable, and easy as possible. The solution needs to be readily available for significant numbers of people. We've also realised there's little point in fighting against a system, but there is compelling logic in working within it. 


Money made purposeful

Many of us don’t know know how our funds are invested. But you can take back control. You can choose how, where and why they’re invested, and still see growth, secure your future, and help to benefit the planet’s forces for good while you do. 

When you invest, save, start a pension or transfer a pension through Purposeful.Money, you can be sure that your money will be helping a positive cause. It will speed up a genuinely positive shift in how business is done.

We apply all the ‘normal’ rules and techniques that you would expect from a chartered wealth management company. In addition, we also consider deeply the ethical, sustainability and positive impact potential of your investments.

Our portfolios are not a ‘perfect solution’ from an ethical point of view, as everybody’s definition and understanding of ethics is different. But we're confident that ‘pound for pound’ your money will do more good with us than in any of the mainstream or standard funds, without sacrificing growth or exposing you to more risk. With almost no effort, you can grow your own pot of money, and at the same time help to solve all manner of social challenges.


So, rather than sitting in uncertainty… Put your money where your heart is.

We’ve worked with many thousands of happy clients, and in that time, we’ve come to learn what people truly want from their advisors. 

We’ve done away with percentage-based setup fees, because they can be misleading, unexpected surprises. Instead, we opt for a single flat fee of £295 for investments and £495 for a pension transfer - no matter how much your funds are worth.


Our friendly, hands-on experts will educate you at every step of the journey, empowering you to take full control of your finances.

Perhaps most importantly, we’ve learned that the businesses that will be most likely to succeed in the future are those who are mindful of the planet as well as their profits. We make it as easy as possible for you to invest in these forward-thinking businesses, responsibly, and at a risk-level that suits your needs.