Purposeful.Money came about in 2017.


The original company was formed nearly 50 years ago and has been advising clients ever since. In 2017 we decided to focus the advice on Purposeful investing. This was because of our experience and the experience we have also gained from our sister company PFM Associates Ltd., they have been successfully managing socially responsible portfolios for over 10 years.This experience shows us markets are evolving and purposeful investing can now become mainstream rather than for select people.

Building on our experience, we're setting out to create a more active approach to ethical investing. Something more... purposeful. Our investments are both responsible and able to produce equivalent returns. We believe this is a much better approach to investing, and we want to share it with you.

We also want to be able to influence fund managers in their approach to investing ethically. We want to ensure that funds that call themselves ethical are truly ethical. We are also realistic and know that it will take time but we hope that time will become shorter and shorter as the right attitudes are adopted.

Ethical means different things to different people and we can therefore not guarantee our portfolios will be 100% ethical. Our strategy is to be purposeful in investing whilst still maintaining the potential returns available.

 To help clients invest in a more purposeful way.

We are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and we will be giving you advice. You will therefore be covered by all the applicable rules and regulations covering the UK Financial Services.


Purposeful growth...

We plant a tree (in partnership with Sir David Attenborough's World Land Trust) for every new investment or pension we set up. In addition to this, each year we donate a minimum of 1% of our turnover towards a purposeful project, wherever we believe it is most needed. We welcome feedback from our clients about any project they feel would be suitable.