If you can answer yes to the three questions below…

Do you have a Pension, ISA, or are interested in making an Investment?

Do you care about issues such as climate change, non-medical animal testing and fossil fuel exploration and extraction?


Do you know where your current monies are invested?


If you have answered yes, it might be a good time to check where your Pension or ISA money is actually invested.

Contact us today for a no obligation chat or if you prefer we can discuss by e-mail.

Who are we?

We are a team of Chartered Independent Financial Advisers, looking to help the transition towards a lower carbon, happier, more sustainable economy through your investments. 

At Purposeful.Money, we've realised that if we — all of us — really want to start making a difference, it needs to be as simple, affordable, and easy as possible. The solution needs to be readily available for significant numbers of people.

We therefore made the important decision to not charge any initial fee for the advice we give to invest in one of our ethical portfolios.